Madonna and Child with an Angel 1 by Sandro Botticelli, 1465-1467

Madonna and Child with an Angel 1 by Sandro Botticelli

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"Madonna and Child with an Angel" - hosted at the Galleria dello Spedale degli Innocenti in Florence.

This Marian painting was made cca. 1465, during Sandro Botticelli's novitiate in the Florentine workshop of Fra Filippo Lippi. It is a rather rigid, realistic composition very much in the vein of Fra Filippo Lippi's highly praised "Madonna and Child with Angels" (also dated 1465).

The two paintings are similar in composition (the group placed in front of an arched window), and in the gesture of the Virgin, bowing her head towards the child, who in turn holds on to Mary's dress.

We see nothing here reminding of the later charge of human emotion that would populate Botticelli's paintings, which proves this is more the work of a young craftsman, still under the tutelage of his mentor.

It is known that Fillippo's apprentice Alessandro was involved in the partial painting of various portraits of the Holy Virgin and the Child, paintings commissioned between 1464 and 1467 both inside and outside of Florence.*

* ref.: "Botticelli" by Chiara Basta (2005 Rizzoli International Publications Inc.) - pg. 27

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