Vecellio Tiziano (Titian) (1477-1576)

By his full name Vecellio Tiziano, Titian was an Italian painter considered the first colorist of the Italian High Renaissance and a head of the Venetian school of painting. He was born at Pieve di Cadore in 1477, and died from the plague in Venice in 1576, when he was 99 years old.

His brush strokes are fresh and powerful, and unequaled in what regards the life-likeness and the harmony of his colours. He has produced many pieces with mythological themes, historical scenes, religious, as well as numerous portraits: "Francis I", "Supper at Emmaus", "The Deposition", "Portrait of a Man with glove", "Jupiter and Antiope" (hosted at the Louvre), "The Assumption of the Virgin", "Venus and Cupid", "Flora", "The Love Fountain".

He worked on his last painting, "The Descent from the Cross", when he was 97 years old.

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