Jan Van Eyck (1380 -1441)

The most illustrious painter of the primitive Flemish school, Jan van Eyck was born at Maeseyck between 1370 and 1380, and died at Bruges in 1440. Jan lived almost continuously at Bruges, at the court of Philip the Good, duke of Burgundy

Jan van Eyck painted "Madonna and the Child Enthroned" (now hosted at the Royal Gallery in Dresden), and he is considered as the true father of the Flemmish school of painting.

He had a brother who also was a famous painter, Hubert van Eyck, also born at Maeseyck (1366-14632). Together with him, Jan van Eyck is the discoverer of the oil painting technique; before them, the most popular technique was the use of tempera.

Their sister, Margaret van Eyck was a miniaturist paintress.

e.g. Tintoretto, Pieta, etc.