Palma Vecchio (1480-1540)

Palma Il Vecchio (Palma the Old) was a painter of the Venetian Renaissance school, who was born at Sarinalta (near Bergamo) in 1480, and died in Venice in 1540.

Palma Vecchio was the creator of numerous religious paintings who rival in colour richness with those of Titian. His most beautiful works located in Venice are a "Last Supper", and a "Sacred Conversation" (1525, Gallerie dell Accademia, Venice).

The Louvre museum hosts his "Adoration of the Shepherds". His nephew was Palma Jacopo il Giovane (Palma the Young), a reputable painter and sculptor in his own right, of the Mannerist period.

e.g. Tintoretto, Pieta, etc.
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