Melozzo Da Forli (1438-1494)

Melozzo da Forli, Italian painter and architect of the Early Renaissance who lived and died in Forli, between 1438 and 1494. He is famous for the use of foreshortening (vertical perspective) in his paintings and frescoes, a way of creating the illusion of distance by presenting objects at an angle.

Da Forli was influenced in his art by Andrea Mantegna and Donato Bramante. Their influences can be detected in Melozzo da Forli's fresco in the Basilica dei Santi Apostoli in Rome, entitled: "Triumphant Christ" (for which Da Forli used his technique of vertical perspective).

The same effect is seen in "The Decoration of the Dome" of Basilica of Santa Casa, Loreto (1480).

e.g. Tintoretto, Pieta, etc.
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