Georges De La Tour (1593-1652)

In the Baroque Art of France, a spirit of realism was felt around Jacques Callot, parctictioner of a true art of portraiture, in which no embelishments and no beautifying would accompany the characters of a painting. In this group, the most original is Georges de la Tour, who was afor a time ignored by the art critics. Many of de la Tour's works have ambiguous titles and subjects, so much so that "The Denial of Saint Peter" could very well be "Old Man with a Servant". His paintings are known by their effects of candle lighting, which separates the traits of the characters in the forefront from all surrounding details. His characters have a strange calmness about them, the drawing style has a linear purity, as if De la Tour were a sort of Rembrandt turned cinematographer, with much clearer backgrounds and rich colorful scenes.

e.g. Tintoretto, Pieta, etc.
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