Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

Italian painter born at Vinci, next to Florence, died at Chateaux de Cloux, in France, near Ambroise. He is mostly known as a painter, having authored the "The Virgin and the Child with St. Anne", "Mona Lisa", (also known as "La Giaconda"), "The Last Supper", "St. John the Baptist", "The Madonna Of The Rocks", etc.

Leonardo da Vinci was a savant sketch artist, a wonderful colourist, excelling at mixing mild tones with the technique of chiaroscuro. He was also a sculptor, a physicist, an engineer, philosopher, writer, poet and musician. He was distinguished in all these branches of art and science.

Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most complete and accomplished geniuses of the Renaissance. Legend has it that he died in the arms of King Francois the 1st (the alleged scene serves as an inspiration for the painting "The Death of Leonardo" by Giroux).

e.g. Tintoretto, Pieta, etc.