Antonio Del Pollaiuolo (1432-1498)

Antonio del Pollaiuolo (Pollaiolo) was an Early Renaissance painter, sculptor, engraver, architect and jeweller born in Florence in 1432 and deceased in Rome in 1498. Del Pollaiuolo was probably one of Andrea del Castagno's students in the art of painting; yet his greatest achievements were as sculptor and goldsmith. In Rome he built the mausoleum of pope Sixtus IV, as well as the tomb of Pope Innocent VIII.

As for Del Pollaiuolo's paintings, it's best to mention his "Martyrdom of St Sebastian" (1475, at the National Gallery, London), "Charity" (1470, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence), and the altarpiece "Coronation of the Virgin" painted in 1483 for the Church of Sant Agostino in San Gimignano.

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