Andrea Del Sarto (1486-1531)

Andrea Angeli del Sarto, was a renown Italian painter who lived in Florence between 1486 and 1531, during the High Renaissance. His paintings are valued for the precision of their compositions and the excellent mixture and balance of colours.

Among his better known works, "The Journey of the Magi" (SS. Annunziata, Florence), "The Last Supper" (fresco at Convent of San Salvi, Florence), "Virgin and Child in Glory with Six Saints" (Palazzo Pitti, Florence), and his "Self Portrait" (at Uffizi).

Del Sarto's painting "Madonna with St. Francis and St. John the Evangelist" also known as "Madonna of the Harpies", is one of the most beautiful masterpieces of the Renaissance.

e.g. Tintoretto, Pieta, etc.
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