Agnolo Bronzino (1503-1563)

Agnolo Bronzino, by his full name Agnolo di Cosimo Bronzino II, was an Italian Mannerist painter and poet of the Late Renaissance, who was born in Florence in 1503 and died there in 1563. Considered an artist extremely talented in the art of portraiture, Bronzino has also produced excellent religious and mythological paintings.

Among his most notable portraits, the "Portrait of Lucrezia Panciatichi" (at the Uffizi), "Eleonora of Toledo with her son Giovanni de Medici" (at Uffizi), and "Cosimo de Medici in Armour" (at Uffizi).

In 1540 he was commissioned to paint the Altarpiece at Palazzo Vecchio, in Florence.

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